Natural VS Synthetic

Excuse me! I asked for Natural.

With all the concerns of health problems from industrial agriculture, why is the government not researching natural remedies to health problems? Well, ladies and gentlemen, they are! As it turns out the whole world had the right idea, except it was thousands of years ago. So you are probably wondering what I am talking about; I am talking about herbal tea. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) decided that they were going to study herbal tea in 2010 for health benefits. The results of the USDA’s research are interesting, but it also raises the question; why are they not researching how industrial agricultures practices are destroying America’s health

Are you kidney me?

Scientists will argue that drinking tea can cause kidney stones; however, there is no scientific proof of any negative effects from consuming tea. It is a known fact that people are at higher risk of dehydration in the summertime. When you mix dehydration with highconsumption levels of tea, and low water intake, you may increase your chances of developing kidney stones. I have not been able to find any real evidence to promote this theory of tea causing kidney stones; in fact, the research I did find specifically stated sweet tea was drank. Sugar was never mentioned; however, scientists do know sugar can cause kidney stones in high quantities. All I have been able to find are people making claims that tea could possibly cause kidney stones under the right conditions, but research has proven that green tea reduces the development of kidney stones. Green tea, Black tea, and Oolong tea (white) all come from the same plant, and have the same compounds in them. The compounds in tea have been found to have a grocery list of healing factors, even for deadly diseases, but the only concern with consuming tea is possibly increasing the risk kidney of stones.

Would you like one lump or tumor?

Healthy diets promote healthy bodies; everyone knows that. What kind of foods should we eat and drink to maintain a healthy diet? Controversial research has been done on consuming different kinds of tea (Camellia sinensis) that suggests tea has several different health benefits. The USDA’s scientists,Diane McKay and Oliver Chen, studied health benefits from herbal tea and found that it reduced the blood pressure of every patient in their study. The only problem I found in their research was their closing statement; they are having a difficult time figuring out how to make green tea into a controllable drug. Studies have shown evidence that consuming green tea can help kill certain types of tumors and help with a disease called hyperinsulinism, which causes over secretion of insulin in children when they ingest protein. Let us dive into the problem of Government trying to make a natural substance better, in a lab with chemicals.

Can I see your manager, the service here sucks!

When a healthy natural option is readily available, why would anyone want a lab created lookalike? It can be debated whether or not drinking tea is good for you, but, with all the health benefits that have been proven, not a single scientific fact has been produced that shows negative effects of drinking tea, unless it is the only thing you drink in enormous quantities. When the USDA discovered that tea can help lower blood pressure and help prevent, or kill off, tumor cells, among other things, did you hear about it on the news? Instead of informing America, the government thought, “How can we market these qualities of tea in a drug?” Americans need to take a stance as a whole against synthetic cure-alls that can be resolved naturally and easily. Contrary to popular belief, we control what companies produce; we are not victims forced to consume whatever companies provide. If we, the consumer, only buy natural herbal tea and drink to our health, then the only profitable reaction for companies would be to supply more natural herbal tea instead of pills. The government is slowly creeping into every aspect of our lives to try and control consumer choice. It is very easy to go to a pharmacy and buy vitamins, but trying to go to the grocery store and buy healthy vitamin rich vegetables is difficult and expensive. Large corporations have genetically altered almost all the foods that we eat now, and most people do not even realize it. Try going to an organic market to purchase the exact same groceries you buy at Wal-Mart; you will spend twice as much or more. We deserve to be capable of getting healthy vitamin rich foods conveniently and affordably. Until we can turn the tide of corporate production, we can at least take care of our health and avoid encouraging furthering this trend by drinking herbal tea and not taking herbal tea pills.

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Levi Brockner


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