Choose the Healthy Alternative Before it’s to Late


Choose the Healthy Alternative Beofre it’s to Late

By Michael Hampson

Every year billions of dollars are spent on fitness products including gym memberships, personal trainers, supplements, and fitness equipment. This sort of money is spent by consumers in attempt to become healthy and attempt to develop their bodies to properly function. But if these individuals were to perhaps take a step back and reevaluate their lifestyles they may start to understand what could be limiting their health coucious goals.This limiting factor is the silent killer referred to as GMO’s.  GMO’s also known as genetically modified Foods are foods derived from genetically modified organisms. Genetically modified organisms have had specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques. You may have just read this and think how does a food who’s DNA has been altered affect me?  It can be best summed up by this comparison, would you fill your car’s gas tank with water and think it will run properly?  The same principle can be applied to the human body what we put into our bodies is our fuel and consuming GMO’s is certainly a counterproductive fuel. GMO’s are a counterproductive in many ways but one main component would be the prevalence of Soy and corn. The articles I read discuss how soy and corn can negatively affect health causing many complications; including lowering sperm counts, reducing testosterone, and possibly causing sterility in males and reproductive problems in females.


GMO’s Hurt

The article I read discusses the effects GMO’s such as corn and soy on the human body. The human body needs Omega 3’s and Omega 6’s. Although our body needs these fatty acids it is unable to make them itself.  These two acids balance one another out for example Omega 3’s reduce inflammation in the body and Omega 6’s cause inflammation. Both are imperative but when one over powers the other it leads to many problems such as cancer, obesity, lowered testosterone, diabetes, and more.  The prevalence of soy in the daily diet is causing this imbalance in one ounce of soybean oil 14,000 mg of Omega 6 can be found.  Asides from causing imbalances soy can also block the digestion of important minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, and magnesium.  These minerals are support a healthy immune system, bone mass, as well as helping regulate testosterone production.  Testosterone is an important factor in male reproductive health. That is why it came as no surprise when a study by Surov’s Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Association for Gene Security released their scientific research conducted upon hamsters demonstrating the health problems created due to gm soy consumption. In the study one group of hamsters were feed a high GM soy diet whereas the other group was feed a healthy non GM based diet. The hamsters who consumed the soy diet after three generations were unable to have babies. In the generations prior while on a GM soy based diet the hamsters were only able to give birth to 52 pups 25% which died in a few weeks. The non-soy fed hamsters had a longer life span, were larger in size, gave birth to 78 pups in the first two generations and by the third generation continued to reproduce. Unlike the Soy feed group they still had complete reproductive health and the ability in both males and females to create offspring.


The tests keep on providing

Small rat who eats GM Soy compared to normal sized rat.

Asides from hamsters becoming sterile on account of GM soy consumption there has also been many other studies reporting similar complications. Take the study done by Irina Ermakova a member of the Russian National Academy of Sciences which is able to show how soy can affect the testicles in male rats. The testicles play an important role in male reproductive systems such as producing sperm and testosterone.  Without the proper function of the testes males are unable to fertilize the female’s eggs in the reproductive cycle. In her study the rats feed GM soy had a significant change in there testicles the color shifted from the natural pink to the unnatural dark blue as well as they decreased in size.  Similar incidents were found in animals that consumed GM corn such as a test done by Baylor University the more corn they feed the rats the less reproductive activity they exhibited, they also discovered compounds found within the corn reduced the female reproductive system 200 times greater than normal. The GM corn also enlarged prostates in male rats and breasts in female rats. Enlarged breasts and prostates in humans have often time resulted in cancer. Not only are labratory tests explaining the negativities of GMO’s but it has also begun to affect farmers as well. For example an Iowa based farmer complained of his pigs and cows becoming sterile and in some cases even having false pregnancies. Researchers were lead to believe it was the large quantities of GM corn the animal were feed leading to these problems.  The last bit of researched that could alarm any male who eventually wants to start a family would be the 2008 experiment conducted by Harvard University. The experiment revealed that men who intake high amounts of GM soy had 41 million ML less sperm count than males who did not intake high amounts of GM soy. 




Protests Against GMO's

GMO’s need to be avoided

In reading these articles I was able to gain a better understanding of what it really means to be healthy. Although we may work out and spend money on nutritional supplements in attempts to stay healthy; the real problem is right in front of us. The problem is GMO foods. Today the average consumer thinks nothing of purchasing processed foods with little though to what those process foods could do to their health in the future. The vast majority of all processed foods have some sort of GM soy or corn in them. These silent killers may not offer any acute health problems but the research mentioned throughout the article would lead one to believe it can have chronic health effects. Although not a substantial amount of testing has taken place on humans in regards to GM corn and soy I feel as though I would rather be safe than sorry. Reproductive systems in males and females are extremely important and we should not jeopardize this due to a craving for some processed food bull crap.


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