If We Overshoot the Earth: Landing GMOs on the Moon in Near Future

In the late 1700s an English Economist by the name of Thomas Malthus was already looking at the correlation of world population to food resources on Earth. He predicted that the increases in population would decrease the ability of the Earth to sustain itself for future generations.

It is now 2011 and we see that Malthus’ prediction is now a reality. At 6.9 billion people in the world today we have reached an ecological overshoot, meaning that humanity’s demand on nature exceeds the Earth’s regenerative capacity. With a worldwide panic over a possible food shortage, GMOs were created in order to increase the supply of food resources. With the lack of proper testing on GMOs, no one can say for sure how the future will be with GMOs playing an ever more important role in our food supply.

First of all lets clear up any misconceptions of a food shortage in our currently agricultural state. The Organic Consumers Association reports that we are currently producing enough food on this planet for 9 billion people yet we still have 1.02 billion people without food. Why is that you make ask? Simply enough the answers lies in another issue that plagues our nation today. There are over 1 billion of individuals that are obese in the world to date (The U.S. contributes the most individuals of this group). There is obviously an issue with the distribution of food around the world if some individuals have so much excessive amounts of food they are actually causing themselves more harm than good. Also to add to the previous claim, some individuals hog up a lot of the resources for themselves cause they have to money or social status to do so. These types of individuals are classified as living above their means. While it would be nice if all the resources of the world were distributed evenly among nations, we know that politics play a bigger part than equality when it comes to resources.

The real concern around GMOs is that the FDA (Food Drug Administration) never conducted proper testing on them to make sure they were safe. Usually the FDA has a very extensive process that they follow before they declare an additive safe. In the case of GMOs, the FDA ditched the extensive safety test and granted GMOs with the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status. So basically, we now have GMOs in our food supply and for all we know we might be ingesting harmful substances. We will never know for sure cause the proper steps were not taken by the FDA in the first place.

The Government seems to have a back up plan for but of course they have to go over and beyond when the answer is most of the time staring them right in the face. In the L.A. Times the article “NASA’s mission: Can we live on the moon?” news of colonizing the moon has started to be viewed as a possible solution to the population issue on Earth. This is grand and all but how does this relate to GMOs you ask? Well, we have been sending astronauts into space for years with irradiated and genetically engineered foods to make sure they get all there nutrients from the little amount of food they have. If they sent colonies to the moon they would feed the people living there the same foods to supplement for what they couldn’t grow on the moon.

In this crucial moment where we need to be making important decision about the future of our resources, we cannot rely on GMOs to expand our food supplies. With the amount of uncertainty surrounding GMOs it is a risk that we should not have taken for the sake of future generation. There are safer and more effective routes humanity can take in order to insure sustainability for generations to come.  Eliminating the environment for people to become obese or ensuring equal distribution of resources are two of many actions we can take.

The scary part about GMOs are that they are being implemented so quickly into our daily lives. Big GMO corporations like Monsanto are controlling the patents on GMOs but if GMOs were to take over the food supply essentially then they will have control of the food supply. Once you have control of the food supply you have control of the people.

This is a problem that you, the reader, must take actions to fix the overshoot and get proper testing on GMOs or get rid of them completely. Take action for a clearer future, not just for yourself but for your family and generations to come.

-Dennis D. Davis II

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