Organics Are the Future

The Bad Guys You
Didn’t See

     There is amonstrous curtain being pulled over our eyes on just about everything that goes on in this country including agriculture. The war between industrial farming
and organic farming is ever raging. I believe that organics are the way to go. Humans
as a race have always been innovative and found new ways to solve existing
problems. However, some of these ‘solutions’ have not been for the greater
benefit of the people as much as a way to make a profit. Corporations began to
form at the beginning of the 1900’s. This brought about big change in the
United States, as well as the entire world. Corporations generally have one and
only goal: to make as much money as humanly possible. They have become so
powerful and integrated into our economy that if they fell, our economy would
surely crumble, even more than it already has. Corporations such as Monsanto have been given too much power and say over the industry and people are beginning to notice.

Once corporations began to really prosper, they fundamentally changed the world
operates but also how our food is processed and manufactured. With agriculture,
they started to treat our food as if it was on an assembly line. They began to
pump out more products faster, quicker in a more efficient way than ever before.
The only problem with that is when using these means to manufacture food goods;
the quality of the food pays the price instead of the corporation. The bigger
they got and more involved they got in the agriculture, the less they had to
worry about rules and regulations. Eventually they began to infiltrate our very
government so that they may change how the food industry is regulated.

The Environment Needs Your Help

     If there is one thing that is in dire need of help, it’s the environment. If we continue to let big corporations to do as they please with chemicals, growth hormones, and GMO’s;
we may just be letting them ruin the environment, more specifically the soil.
Although corporations are beginning to see that consumers are becoming more environment conscious, they are not doing enough. As for the rest of the world, we are just now really starting to change our ways for a greener future. Industrial
agriculture is not a green method of producing meats and crops. They highly
contaminate the soil and products and in turn future generations. The entire
world is beginning to put into place new laws and measure that will shoot us
into the next generation, a healthy, greener, cleaner environment.

First thing is first, soil is by far the most important component of agriculture. The
problem with conventional farming is that it causes the soil to be massively
deficient of key nutrients and in turn doesn’t allow for the crops to reach
their full potential. On top of that, they use all kinds of chemicals and
hormones to kill weeds and make the products grow faster. This causes
unspeakable harm to future newborns as well as the soil itself. The chemicals
and hormones soak into the soil and therefore our water supply. It also gets
into the food, and the grass that animals eat. There are no consequences for
corporations to use these methods of farming. This allows them free reign and
no way for us to hold them accountable for their actions.

Organics Are the

     Organic farming is by far the best and safest solution to replace these mega giants we call food companies. There are numerous advantages to going organic on farming. With organic farming, no pesticides, herbicides, or any type of chemicals are used
on the crops. Animals are not injected with growth hormones and fed modified
corn; they are set in grass fields or in open pins to grow in and fed organic,
healthy foods. If you start out with a healthy product, what you get out of it
will be much more beneficial than synthetic methods.

There are substantial benefits to growing food organically. The productions costs used to farm organically are drastically smaller than conventional farming. It also allows for the reduction of soil erosion. Because industrial agriculture has deficient soil, it is not able to hold it form as well and result in soil that erodes much more quickly. Cattle being raised using organic methods actually have higher yields of milk and are also less
prone to disease. Anybody will tell you that organic food generally tastes
better than conventionally grown food. Whether that holds true or not is based
on your opinion.

The only downsides to organic farming are the fact that it takes more work and it
doesn’t yield nearly as much product as conventional methods. Although this may
be true, there will be new and innovative ways to solve these issues that will
allow us to move past this obstacle. It is true that we may never be as quick
as using a machine and chemicals but the food will always be of a higher
quality that machines and chemicals will ever produce. These are very small
prices to pay considering all the benefits gained from switching over. It’s
only a matter of time until the entire country demands organic food.

-Chris Billingham

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