Genetically Modified Foods Are Bad!


Genetically modified foods have been around for over a century now. Whether you know about it or not it is real and is slowly taking over the farming world. The big question that usually pops up when people hear the words genetically modified is: is it healthy? The answer is no. How would you feel that every time you buy a vegetable or fruit from the produce section in your local supermarket; that it is actually infected already with pesticide repellent? Yeah it’s true and you probably don’t know overall in the last few months which foods you have eaten that have been poisoned from these pesticides. Not only pesticides, but also the genetic mutation itself within the food product.

Allergies Anyone?

Are you allergic to soy? Well statistics show in this following article that soy allergies are now 50% higher than when soy was introduced. Not only can you not have it, but the scientists who are trying to make a healthier alternative for you are actually making you more allergic! When you go to the doctors and take the prick allergy test to see what you are allergic to; genetically modified soy shows up faster than natural soy itself. Tests have been done for allergy tests for soy, corn, and papaya and all have failed. They failed because some of their genetically modified proteins have a source of allergens in them.

When you are allergic to certain foods, wouldn’t you want to find an alternative for that product? As scientists try to modify
certain foods, they actually make it worse than before. Digestive enzymes are
being reduced from soy products and peas. Your digestive system is now more sensitive and open to further allergic reactions. Genetically modified foods are slowly being taken over from certain products for the worse. Certain people around the world might actually have a favorite food; then have it taken away from them just by a little genetically modified product. Is that fair? I don’t think so.

Thinking About Having Children?

Genetically modified foods have been tested through thirty pregnant women and toxins were found in ninety-three percent of them. There isn’t a known fact that these foods have been deadly, but it could lead to further forewarnings on whether or not your child will have an allergy, disability, or a tragic miscarriage. The foods that can be traced on having toxins transferred into their system are meat, milk corn, and eggs. Corn is also one of the huge ingredients to almost every food label. With it being modified and being made on acres upon acres of fields. There are going to be pesticide repellent going to be sprayed all over these fields. Those chemicals are now being affected upon all the corn that came from that field. Then there is a chain reaction to the next corn field, then on to the next field etc.

Naturally Grown Food, I Think Not

Do you wonder where your food really came from? In this
case I would hope to keep on further research on the food products that you
consume in the near future. Knowing that your food has been tested and genes have been crossing barriers it shouldn’t be. How would you feel knowing that your food is coming from a laboratory and not a field? Let nature take its course, just not in the course of a chemical study that can cause harm to the human race. Genes are being twisted and skewed to make the perfect product for the foods that you eat. Using bacteria as an open door to further invade that food and inject the gene to make it “healthier”.  Not only are these foods being grown, but there are also being put on shelves at our local stores daily. These foods are now spreading what is wrong with them, to the produce next to them. Employees don’t know that what their putting on the shelves could potentially harm others because they are not paid to know that much.

The Food You Just Ate Is Still Inside You

Just got done eating a nice huge meal and your full. You go to the bathroom thinking that the food you just ate is now gone. Think again. The genetically modified foods that you just ate are still inside you! The bacterium clings on to your intestines and continues to function that way it was made. Bacteria like this have had a slim chance that more of the gene transfer could create diseases which antibiotics can’t fight. All this talk about genetically modified food has gotten you worried now. Let’s just hope that the next time you eat, your food has been naturally grown and not modified to be a better alternative. These foods are slowly taking over and it is our job to stop it.

-Alex Ham

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